Western North: Man, 40, Apprehended for Alleged Bestiality in Sefwi Donkorkrom

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A disturbing incident unfolded in Sefwi Donkorkrom, a rural community in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality of the Western North Region, as a 40-year-old man, identified as Kwame Chelsea, was apprehended for engaging in s3xual activities with a female goat. The shocking discovery of this act has left the residents reeling and prompted traditional authorities to intervene.

Kwame Chelsea, a palm wine tapper who is divorced and a father of two, was caught in the act on a Wednesday afternoon in a community garden with a pregnant goat. The nature of the offence has stirred disbelief and concern among the community members, prompting immediate action to address the unsettling occurrence.

An eyewitness, a Fulani herdsman in the area, noticed the illicit behaviour and quickly alerted the residents upon witnessing the suspect engaging in intercourse with the female goat. Disturbed by the act, the eyewitness took a stance against the misconduct and refused attempts of bribery from the suspect, leading to the swift response from the community.

The revelation of the bestiality incident triggered a sense of shock and urgency among the community members, prompting them to take spiritual measures to cleanse the land and avert potential calamities. Nana Kwame Nyame II, the chief of Sefwi Donkorkrom, emphasized the importance of conducting rituals to rectify the spiritual implications of the abhorrent act and appealed for forgiveness from the broader populace.

In a remarkable turn of events, the suspect, Kwame Chelsea, confessed to the reprehensible act in an interview with Peace News. He expressed remorse for his actions and sought forgiveness from the community and all Ghanaians, pledging that such behaviour would not recur.

The case of bestiality in Sefwi Donkorkrom has incited widespread shock and condemnation, highlighting the need for social awareness and ethical conduct within communities. The swift intervention by authorities and communal efforts to address the incident underscore the importance of upholding cultural values and ethical standards to safeguard societal well-being.


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