Assin Zamboree Tragedy: Over 20 Pupils Narrowly Escape Death

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Assin Zamboree Tragedy: Over 20 Pupils Narrowly Escape Death

In a chilling incident, over 20 pupils of Assin Zamboree D/A Basic School in the Assin North District of the Central Region narrowly escaped death when their school building collapsed during heavy rainfall on 13th May, 2024.

The incident occurred in the afternoon, as torrential rains lashed the area. The pupils were huddled inside their classrooms, engrossed in their studies, when disaster struck. Suddenly, the walls of the building began to crack and crumble, sending debris crashing down upon the terrified children.

Miraculously, all the pupils managed to escape the collapsing structure.

The headmaster of the school,expressed his gratitude for the children’s miraculous escape. “It was a terrifying experience, but we are relieved that all our pupils are alive,” he said.

However, the incident has raised serious concerns about the safety of school buildings in the region. The collapsed structure was reportedly in a dilapidated condition, with visible cracks and weak foundations.

As the proverb goes, “Prevention is better than curative measures.” This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of investing in safe and well-maintained school infrastructure. The authorities must take immediate action to assess the condition of all school buildings in the region and ensure that they meet safety standards.

The well-being of children should be of paramount concern.

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