Amenfi West: Amoaku School Grapples with Exam Disruption Amid Heavy Rainfall

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The residents of Amuaku in the Wassa Amenfi West Municipality, Western Region, faced unexpected challenges due to a heavy downpour early on Monday, 8th April 2024. The rainfall disrupted ongoing exams at Amuaku M/A Basic School, Samreboi, causing inconvenience and discomfort to students and teachers alike.

The rainwater, seeping through the classroom roof, created chaos among students as they struggled to adjust to one side of the room to continue writing their exams. The absence of windows amplified the situation, allowing rain splashes to intrude, further complicating the examination environment. Students’ books and bags were soaked, yet they persevered with their papers amid the disruption.

While students grappled with the unforeseen circumstances inside the classroom, teachers found themselves stranded on the verandah due to the lack of suitable shelter. The inclement weather left both students and educators facing a challenging and unfavourable exam setting.

The school authorities have made a heartfelt plea to the relevant authorities for immediate intervention to address the dire conditions affecting the school. Their foremost concern is the urgent repair of the leaking roof to prevent further disruptions to academic activities. Additionally, a request has been made for the construction of sturdy structures to enhance the overall infrastructure of the school.

With the aim of restoring normalcy and ensuring a conducive learning environment for students and teachers, urgent action is imperative. Swift attention to the school’s infrastructural needs, particularly the repair of the leaking roof and improvement of facilities, is crucial to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The unforeseen impact of the heavy rainfall on the students and teachers of Amoaku highlights the vulnerabilities faced by educational institutions during adverse weather conditions. The distressing situation underscores the critical need for timely support and investment in school infrastructure to safeguard the well-being and academic progress of the school community.


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