Hon. Kwasi Afrifa Donates Bags of Cement to Propel Nyame Nnae Community Project

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In a significant development,  Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate in Amenfi West for the 2024 general election has demonstrated his commitment to community development by generously donating 20 bags of cement to support the ongoing Nyame Nnae community project. This act of philanthropy serves as a significant contribution towards advancing the project’s progress and uplifting the community.
During a visit to Nyame Nnae community on 18th February 2024, Hon. Kwasi Afrifa pledged his support by promising to provide 20 bags of cement towards their community initiative. The donation marks the realization of his promise and underscores his dedication to fostering positive growth and development within the region.
Sir Otabil and Mr. Seth ceremoniously presented the 20 bags of cement on behalf of Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa on 8th April 2024 at Nyame Nnae. Their involvement in facilitating the donation exemplifies the collaborative efforts aimed at driving positive change and progress within Nyame Nnae community.
The Chief of Nyame Nnae expressed heartfelt gratitude to the National Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate, Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, for honouring his commitment to the community. The donation of cement holds significant value for the community project and is a testament to Hon. Kwasi Afrifa’s unwavering support for local initiatives.
The contribution of cement towards the community project signifies a tangible step towards infrastructure development and the enhancement of communal facilities. Hon. Kwasi Afrifa’s support not only aids in the construction endeavours but also fosters a sense of empowerment and unity within Nyame Nnae, promoting a brighter future for its residents.
Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa’s donation of 20 bags of cement to the Nyame Nnae community project stands as a commendable initiative that reflects his dedication to uplifting local communities and fostering progress. The collaborative spirit showcased through this gesture reinforces the significance of collective support and engagement in driving sustainable development initiatives.

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