(Video) C/R: 5 Chiefs in Aboraman Community in AAK Constituency Suspended

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In the Abakrampaman community located in the Abura-Asebu Kwamankese (AAK) Constituency, it has been announced that five chiefs have been suspended. These chiefs include Nana Kum Gyata VI, Nana Braffoh Afona IX, Nana Osa Ameyaw I, Nana NyamekyÉ› I, Nana Amoasi II, and Opanyin Kwesi Amfo. The suspension has been issued indefinitely by His Royal Majesty Emintsinminim Otu XI, pending investigations. The pronouncement was made during a meeting of the Abora Traditional Council at the Omanhen’s Palace in Abakrampa on September 29, 2023.

The suspension is a result of some chiefs being charged with their involvement in the installation of a rival Paramount Chief of Abora State. Additionally, some of the suspended chiefs violated the Royal Order of Aboraman by entering the Pusuban (Traditional War Shrine), despite the public pronouncement by the Omanhen of Abora State that it should be locked indefinitely.

A committee of enquiry, led by Okopon Fuah IX, chief of Abora Batanyaa and the Guantoahen of Abora State, has been established to investigate their actions. The committee’s findings will be submitted to the Abora State Omanhen for further action.

Furthermore, the youth in the community have expressed their support for the decision made by the Abora Paramount Chief. They see it as a way to ensure that the suspended chiefs comply with the command.


Source: Aboranews

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