The Rising Stars Finalists Tour Samartex as They Prepare for the Grand Finale

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The Rising Stars Finalists embarked on an exciting excursion to Samartex Company, a renowned establishment in Ghana, as they eagerly await the grand finale on October 14th. According to the Manager of Best Tape Entertainment, Ebenezer-Ansah Boafo, the purpose and activities of the excursion were to contribute to the preparation and growth of the talented individuals.

The finalists of the Rising Stars, including some crew members of the Rising Stars Talent Show, converged at Melody Hotel at 9:00 AM. The tour kicked off at 10:30 AM. The contestants were met with great excitement and grinning faces.

At Samreboi, the Rising Stars first visited the hanging bridge on the Tano River, a place that divides Wassa Amenfi West Municipality and Aowin.

After the exploration of the hanging bridge on the Tano River, the team went to McKenzie restaurant for refreshment. They ate their food with relish. The contestants were happy with the setting at Mckenzie and were astonished to see such a nice place in the town.

Refreshment at Mckenzie

From McKenzie, the next destination was the Samartex Greengold FM Station. The reception was fantastic and one of the contestants who spoke was filled with excitement. This exposure provided them with a deeper understanding of the industry and the resources available to nurture their talents.

Greengold Premises
Millicent Takyi speaking on behalf of all the contestants at Greengold FM

The excursion to Samartex Company provided the Rising Stars finalists with a unique opportunity to explore a renowned establishment and gain valuable insights into nature. They visited the crocodile pond and toured the golf park as well. The cherry on the cake was the amusement park rides. The Rising Stars finalists got the opportunity to go for rides. They took turns with beaming faces.The finalists were able to immerse themselves in an environment that fosters creativity, professionalism, and growth.

The last place the team visited was the Samartex Football Club Stadium-Nsenkyire Sports Stadium. The contestants were amazed to see the captivating places at the park. The amiable ciceron explained the processes that led to development of the magnificent stadium.

During their visit, the finalists had the chance to interact with industry professionals and experienced professionals at Samartex Company. They learned valuable techniques, tips, and tricks to enhance their performances. The experts shared their experiences and success stories, inspiring the finalists to strive for excellence in their respective fields.

The excursion also facilitated collaboration and networking among the finalists. They had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and exchange ideas. Building relationships with fellow talents not only fosters a sense of community but also creates potential for future collaborations and support in their artistic journeys.

Best Tape Reps on the hanging bridge

Additionally, the excursion to Samartex Company played a crucial role in preparing the Rising Stars finalists for the grand finale. They received valuable feedback and guidance from industry professionals, allowing them to refine their performances and address any areas of improvement. The excursion also helped boost their confidence and motivation, ensuring they were well-prepared to give their best during the highly anticipated event.

Sir Rich at the Stadium

Last but not least, the excursion to Samartex Company was a valuable experience for the Rising Stars finalists. It provided them with opportunities to learn, gain inspiration, explore state-of-the-art facilities, and network with industry professionals and fellow talents. The excursion played a significant role in their preparation for the grand finale, equipping them with the necessary skills, guidance, and confidence to shine on the stage.


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