Slick Techniques to Get a Girl Addicted to You

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1, Be unpredictable. lf you become predictable, she will not be interested anymore

2, Surprise her every now and then. You don’t always need expensive gifts. Make your actions surprises.

3, Be honest. Don’t fake anything. No fake emotions. If you feel angry, show your anger. Don’t hide any

4, Appear mysterious. Make her curious about you. The more curious she gets, the more interesting you appear.

5, Criticise her whenever she is wrong. This shows you want her well-being

6, Once in a while appreciate a girl she knows. Praise that girl.

7, Motivate her to take up a challenging task.

8, If you can’t make her laugh, you are uninteresting. So give her a good laugh.

9, Never let the awkward silence of 5 minutes prevail between you and her. You should always have something to

10, Let her be childish and sometimes treat her like a baby.

11, Show your maturity while making important decisions.

12, Be A Man. Make her feel protected


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