Gestures of a confident man

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Non-verbal communication will tell a lot more about you than your words. And it will tell you more truthfully. And it will tell you before you even open your mouth.

Let’s set up and get used to showing confidence always.

1. Don’t slouch.
Slouchy = tired for life. Keep your shoulders in a natural (not cock-and-turkey) straightened state. It will be hard to get used to at first. But in a couple of weeks you’ll get the hang of it.

2. Say hello like a man.
The knuckleball does not lay on the interlocutor’s hand from above. Nor does it come from underneath. Extend your hand evenly into the hand. And yes, don’t squeeze the other person’s palm in an attempt to show your strength. That unnaturalness in you will definitely be detected. You will appear, on the contrary, to be complex.

3. Smile more often.
But not nonstop, like a goofball. In conversation, periodically show your approval with a smile. Smiling at everyone and everything is a great trump card and an indicator of your inner confidence.

4. Look in the eyes.
They don’t teach this in the army for nothing. You move your eyes sideways, you stare at your phone – then you’re either not interested or you’re afraid to run into a confident stare.

5. Don’t cross your arms, legs and other limbs.
You’re not a shy girl at the disco, are you? Choose any open position (when sitting at the table the “palms together” pose is perfect, for example).

Put it into practice to reinforce it!

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