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Rising to the same pattern
With daily cravings for things rated nothing
A heavy burden on men out of purpose
And fulfilment of those on course
Whose eyes are gazed upward for the day to live their sight

Rising to the same pattern
Where men in sin sink
And those in life rise
A heavy burden on men without insight
Who live in the opposite forgetting the transit

Rising to the same pattern
Where chaos fill the abode of the image of The Greatest
A heavy burden on men without conscience
Who see exit as excite
But what a joy for those with proper sense?
Like an incense, is their now!

Rising to the same pattern
To celebrate death and disdain life
When there’s more fun in demise than it is
A heavy burden on humanity for going the wrong
I wish this was a song,
So that my heart could be felt by my world!

Rising to the same pattern
Hereunder and hereafter
Where men would the Most High fear
And the lowly to hold dear
A great message to the wise
Folly to the fool
And apocalypse for the one ready for the journey of no return!

Rockson Oppong

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