How to start a conversation

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Starting a conversation is a heavy millstone on the neck of many people. Many people find it difficult to initiate a conversation. Starting a conversation requires a lot of skills since your inability to do it well might upset the person, especially if the person is a stranger. Henceforth, if you are the type who finds it difficult to start a conversation, then your biggest challenge has been solved. Below are some of the ways to start a conversation.

1. Ask for information

A good way to start a conversation is to ask for information from the person you want to talk to. This is an effective, natural way to build rapport with someone quickly. Even if you already know the answer, it is still a good way to approach someone if you cannot think of another topic.
For example, if you are attending an event and see a colleague you have not talked to yet, you can ask them about the conference.
Example: “Do you know if the regional director will speak after the opening session?”
With this, you can take the conversation even further by mentioning something you like about the speakers and so on.

2. Pay a compliment

Complimenting someone can brighten their day and boost their confidence. You can pick something about the person you like and mention why you like it.
Example: “I really like your hair. The cut suits you.”
There are several follow-up questions you can ask to keep the conversation going such as where they go to get their hair cut or how they chose the style.

3. Comment on something pleasant

You can usually find something positive to say about an event or situation. The occasion could have been the last office happy hour or a sports game that was on the night before. If the person shares your views, you are on your way to an engaging conversation.
Example: “Did you watch the football game last night? I think our team finally hit their stride.”
From there, the conversation can go deeper into the game or a tangential subject such as a different sports team.

4. Introduce yourself

While this may not be suitable for every situation, introducing yourself is a straightforward way to show your interest in meeting someone. If you just started a new job and have not met someone in another department yet, you can approach them and introduce yourself.
Example: “Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m new to the team and wanted to introduce myself.”
You can then ask follow-up questions about their position or how long they have been with the company.

5. Offer help

If you find yourself in a position to help someone you want to talk to, seize the moment and assist them. Offering help can make you likable and earn the trust of the other person, especially when you show genuine concern.
Example: “Can I help you file away some of those binders?” or “Do you need a seat?”
From there, you can lead into a conversation related to the task such as what is in the contents of the binders.

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