(Video) 4 young men caught filling used bottles with water and packaging for sale

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It is shocking to see some young men being caught packaging used bottles with water for sale. This behaviour is not only unethical but also illegal, as it involves deceiving consumers and potentially putting their health at risk.

In the video, the guys were seen hiding in a coded location with the used bottles spread on the floor. One guy who was sitting on a plastic chair filled the used bottles with water whilst the other guys were busy using the rubber melting and packaging/sealing machine to package the water for distribution. As the saying goes “All days for the thieve man, one day for the master”, a man chanced on these four guys carrying out their usual nefarious act and confronted them.

The reporter lambasted them and blamed the leaders for their inability to create jobs for the citizens. He also blamed the sellers who engage in this illegal act with the four young men.

Water packaging should be done in a safe and regulated manner to ensure the quality and safety of the product. Using used bottles for packaging can compromise the cleanliness and integrity of the water inside, which may lead to contamination and pose health hazards to consumers.

Authorities must take prompt action against the individuals involved in such acts to protect consumers and maintain trust in the market. Public awareness campaigns should also be conducted to educate the public about the potential risks associated with purchasing products from unauthorized or dubious sources.

Consumers should be encouraged to purchase water from reputable and certified sources, where proper quality control measures are in place. This will help ensure that they are consuming safe and hygienic water.

Overall, it is vital to address and deter such illegal practices to safeguard public health and maintain fair business practices in the community.

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