Who Wins the Ultimate Prize as the Asankranman Rising Stars Talent Show Approaches its Grand Finale? Check Pictures, Names and Voting Codes of all the Finalists

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As the Rising Stars Talent Show approaches its conclusion on 14 October 2023, anticipation and excitement fill the air. The contestants have their exceptional talents, which have brought them far in the competition.

The Rising Stars Talent Show organized by Best Tape Entertainment  has witnessed an array of talents, including mesmerizing vocal performances, breathtaking dances, mind-blowing magic acts, and awe-inspiring robotic dance moves.

However, among these exceptional talents, one shining star is destined to win the ultimate prize. The Rising Stars Talent Show has nurtured dreams and paved the way for aspiring artists and dancers to rise to stardom. The winner of this prestigious competition will be someone who has showcased an extraordinary blend of talent, creativity, and stage presence, captivating both the judges and the audience.

The Rising Stars Talent Show not only signifies a platform for talent discovery but also represents the magical essence of dreams come true. The journey for each contestant has been filled with ups and downs, perseverance, and growth. Their commitment to their craft and the unwavering support from their loved ones have brought them to this momentous juncture.

Ultimately, the Rising Stars Talent Show stands as a testament to the power of passion, determination, and resilience. It showcases the potential within every individual to rise above challenges and shine brightly on a grand stage. As the final decision approaches, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation and excitement, as everyone eagerly awaits the name of the rising star who will leave an indelible mark of entertainment.

In conclusion, as the Rising Stars Talent Show reaches its conclusion, the ultimate prize awaits the contestant who has conquered the hearts of the judges and captured the imagination of the audience. The journey may have been filled with obstacles, but the winner’s talent, hard work, and dedication will be rewarded with stardust magic, forever etching their name in the annals of this prestigious competition.

Voting Codes of All Contestants

1.Emmanuella Kokombo *920*55# RS24


2. Blessing Ampongmaa.
*920*55# RS16


3. Superior Dancers *920*55# RS15


4. Gloria Nana Adwoa Ennim. *920*55# RS8


5. AFROID Dancers. *920*55# RS3


6. Future Singers. *920*55# RS22


7. Saviour Anane. *920*55# RS21


8. Five Stars Dancers. *920*55# RS 4


9. Dickson Sam. *920*55# RS 23


10. Stephanie Andoh Baidoo. *920*55# RS20


11. Regina Addae (Aboi Nkwanta. *920*55# RS 1


12. Millicent Takyi. *920*55# (Cuba) RS13


13. Bernice Kyereme. *920*55# (RS19, Odumase)


14. Ivy Nyarko. *920*55# RS 12


15. Blessing Essumang *920*55# RS 28

16. Zainab Plotoso. *920*55# RS14.




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