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1. You just can’t say ‘no’ to anyone without feeling guilty. You care too much and love too much.

2. You cry when you’re alone but you don’t tell anyone because you’re afraid of what people would think of you.

3. You’re quick to think that everyone is a friend. You do things for every temporary person in your life .

4. You’re extra- nice with people. You treat everyone with kindness and expect the same.

5. You don’t know when a person is taking advantage of you because you can’t do it to others.

6. You can’t intentionally hurt people because of how soft hearted you are.

7. You can’t express your emotions without breaking down.

8. You’re so sensitive that you can notice the slightest changes in people’s behavior towards you- the way they talk to you, the way they act towards you – but you don’t Do anything about it.

9. You feel too deeply for people, you always put yourself in people’s shoes and try to be there for everyone, Literally, Every single time.

10. You’re the problem fixer. You can’t afford to lose people , but in the end, you’re still left alone. Just like always…


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