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1.) Date someone who is always willing to help you, who always listens to your problems, who is always there for you in your darkest hours, and who always makes you happy.

You need a partner, not a problem-maker.

2.) If she/he consistently hangs up on you, ignores your texts, and takes days to respond, ignore her/him right away because she/he is uninterested in you.

Move on and concentrate on someone else.

3.) No one is perfect, so embrace the good and work to improve the bad in your relationship.

All relationships go through ups and downs; if you can get through it and move on, do so; if you can’t, leave peacefully, heal, and move on.

4.) Have faith in your partner.

The best thing about being in a relationship is not having to worry about anything.

– There will be no cheating, lying, or keeping secrets.

Put your complete trust in your partner.

5.) Be Loyal to your partner

You don’t need a perfect RELATIONSHIP; you just need someone who can be trusted and will not be cheated on both physically and emotionally.

You require someone who

– Make you a priority
– loves you unconditionally
– don’t play with your heart

6.) Make money and become wealthy. Nobody values you if you don’t have money in your pockets; everyone says money isn’t everything, but they eventually ask what brand of car you drive and judge you.


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