7 Tips To Build Self Discipline In Life

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1. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

– Self-awareness is very important for comfort zone expansion.

– Know your strengths, but more importantly, own up to your flaws.

– For your weakness, till you work on overcoming them, use art of delegation to the rescue.

2. Remove temptations.

– Simple and strong mantra – “out of sight out of mind.”

– By simply removing the biggest temptations from your environment, you will greatly improve your self-discipline

– Want to eat healthy? Dump the junk food in the trash.

3. Set clear goals and have an execution plan

– To be self-disciplined, have a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish

– Understand what success means to you. Prioritize

– Self-discipline is the only power which can keep you energized even in the toughest of circumstances

4. Practice daily diligence.

– Discipline is a learned behavior, it requires daily practice and repetition, till it becomes a habit.

– To practice daily diligence, you must have a plan.

– Put it on your calendar, your to-do list.

5. Create new habits and rituals

– Keep it simple

– Break your goal into simple steps

– Trying to change everything at once will be very overwhelming

– Take baby steps to reach your goal.

– Focus on one step at a time. Frequently, check your progress.

6. Change your perception about willpower.

– Believe you have a strong will power. And you will.

– Embrace the mindset of unlimited willpower. It helps you grow and achieve more.

– Your internal conceptions about willpower and self-control can determine how disciplined you are

7. Forgive yourself and move forward.

– There are times you may fail, even when you do things with best intentions and best plans

– It is all part of game

– You stumble, find the root cause by asking the five WHYs and move on

– Learn from your missteps and forgive yourself


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