How to learn to say “NO”

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A person who finds it hard to refuse others is a really handy person.
You can dump a lot of work on him, he won’t say no to loved ones, always come to the rescue, give help, lend money.

What to do?
Start with a small, very first “no”!

And then, it’s worth continuing, asserting this skill
1. Give yourself permission not to be “all good.” Give yourself permission to act in your own best interest.
2. Practice saying “no” to strangers – store clerks, waiters, neighbours
3. Choose a form of rejection that is acceptable to you. Sharp, soft, humorous or serious – there are many options.
4. Fear of rejection is the fear of being judged. Judged, so what? It’s just the opinion of others…

Sure, there will be people who won’t accept you with your “no,” even those close to you won’t like it. But those who care about you, who want to be there for you, who respect you, will always be around.


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