(PHOTOS)”A Transformative Vision: Hon. Kwasi Afrifa Champions Unity, Job Creation, and Inclusivity for Amenfi West”

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In a recent community engagement session with the residents of Attobrakrom and Koduakrom, Hon. Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for 2024, emphasized the importance of leadership that fosters unity and job creation. The event, held on Friday, 8th March 2024, provided a platform for Hon. Kwasi Afrifa to share his vision for the development of the Amenfi West constituency.

Hon. Kwasi Afrifa stressed the significance of moving beyond party affiliations in the pursuit of progress for the community. He highlighted that while party politics often sow division, development initiatives benefit everyone irrespective of their political leanings.

The parliamentary candidate underscored the need to prioritize development over political bickering. He noted that political exchanges and insults do not contribute to improving livelihoods or putting food on the tables of constituents. He urged his supporters to focus on propagating his oceanic vision for Amenfi West, emphasizing a positive and inclusive approach to governance.

Again, Hon. Kwasi Afrifa expressed his commitment to being a leader for all residents, regardless of their political backgrounds. He emphasized that his leadership would be inclusive of settlers and natives alike, highlighting the shared identity and common goals that unite the community.

The community engagement with Hon. Kwasi Afrifa in Attobrakrom and Koduakrom showcased a transformative vision for leadership based on unity, job creation, and inclusivity. The candidate’s commitment to transcending party lines and prioritizing the development of Amenfi West resonated with the attendees, emphasizing a collective approach to progress and prosperity in the constituency.

This event served as a platform for residents to engage with Hon. Kwasi Afrifa’s ideas, fostering a sense of hope and unity as the 2024 parliamentary elections approach.


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