(Amenfi West) “Embrace Change Now After Years of Political Enslavement,” – Hon. Kwasi Afrifa

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Hon. Kwasi Afrifa, NPP Parliamentary Candidate for 2024 general elections in a community engagement session with the residents of Tigarikrom, a community in Samreboi on Saturday, 2nd March 2024 emphasized the importance of his name being synonymous with progress and positive change within the Amenfi West community. He encouraged the residents to consistently mention and promote his vision for the betterment of Amenfi West.

Unique Encouragement for Engagement

Hon. Afrifa, in a unique and engaging manner, urged the men to incorporate his name, Kwasi Afrifa, into their everyday conversations, even suggesting that they use his name while engaging in activities like cut-opening cocoa pods. Additionally, he humorously directed the women to whisper his name to their husbands, illustrating a light-hearted yet persistent call for community support.

Emphasis on Change and Development

During the engagement, Hon. Afrifa underscored the need for change within Amenfi West, highlighting the disparity between tax contributions from the community and the corresponding development outcomes. He expressed his genuine concern for the development of Amenfi West, emphasizing that his focus is on uplifting the community rather than personal ambition. “We have been enslaved for a very long time; it’s time to accept change”, he added.

Commitment to Service and Accountability

Hon. Afrifa made clear his commitment to serving the people of Amenfi West, portraying his political journey as a dedication to sharing his vision and effecting positive change. He emphasized the accountability he holds towards the community, assuring them that their support would translate into tangible improvements under his leadership. Moreover, he stressed the importance of not allowing a monopoly of power to persist if it fails to address the genuine needs of the people.

Promise of Progress and Policy

In a forward-looking approach, Hon. Afrifa vowed to bring about transformation and development to Amenfi West, promising a departure from the status quo and an era of meaningful progress. He reassured the community that his intentions were not rooted in confrontational politics but in fostering a shared vision of growth and prosperity.

The community engagement session led by Hon. Kwasi Afrifa in Tigarikrom not only showcased his aspirations for change and development but also highlighted his interactive and inclusive approach to garnering community support. The emphasis on unity, accountability, and progress reflects a promising outlook for the empowerment and advancement of Amenfi West under his leadership.

It’s heartening to witness political figures like Hon. Afrifa engaging with communities in such a proactive and engaging manner, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collective vision for a brighter future for Amenfi West.

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