Amenfi West: Hon Kwasi Afrifa Articulates His Vision For Leadership That Fosters Self-reliance and Creates Opportunities for Constituents

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In a thought-provoking engagement session with the residents of Attobrakrom, a community in Wassa Amenfi West, Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the eagerly anticipated 2024 election, articulated his vision for leadership that empowers individuals to become “self-reliant”, and not chase leaders for chicken change all the time. The event, which took place on 8th March 2024, resonated with the community members as Hon. Afrifa delved into the essence of meaningful governance.

Key Points Discussed

1. Empowerment and Independence: Hon. Kwasi Afrifa emphasized his stance against the dependency culture that often sees individuals seeking minor favours from leaders. He stressed the need for leadership that focuses on fostering self-reliance and creating opportunities for constituents to thrive independently.

2. Leadership Ingenuity for Job Creation:  The parliamentary candidate highlighted the imperative for leaders to leverage their creativity and resources to generate employment opportunities and support youth empowerment. He firmly believed that a robust economy starts with leaders who prioritize job creation and skill development.

3. Avoiding Blind Loyalty: Drawing parallels to a poignant analogy rooted in the behaviour of chickens, Hon. Afrifa cautioned against blind allegiance to leaders based solely on short-term gains. He warned against falling into a cycle where temporary relief blinds individuals to long-term neglect, underscoring the importance of consistent, impactful leadership.

4. Assessment for Change:  Hon. Kwasi Afrifa urged the residents to undertake critical assessments of their personal and community development. He emphasized the necessity of evaluating whether their loyalty to a particular leader has translated into tangible benefits. Change, he asserted, becomes imperative when persistent efforts yield little progress.

5. Call for Transformation:  Quoting an insightful Akan proverb, Hon. Afrifa underscored the significance of weighing priorities and making informed decisions. He stressed that stagnation results from a reluctance to embrace change, reminding the community that without change, progress remains elusive.

6. Community Feedback:  Reflecting on his interactions across various communities, Hon. Kwasi Afrifa acknowledged the widespread desire for tangible development initiatives. He candidly addressed the recurring disconnect between public expectations and actual outcomes, attributing it to entrenched voting patterns and resistance to change.

Conclusively, Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa’s engagement session at Attobrakrom stood as a testament to his unwavering commitment to transformative leadership. By challenging norms, advocating for self-sufficiency, and championing the call for constructive change, he sparked introspection and dialogue within the community. His message resonated with the attendees, igniting discussions on the role of leadership in fostering sustainable progress and community empowerment.

As the 2024 election fervour builds, Hon. Kwasi Afrifa’s advocacy for a paradigm shift in governance reverberates as a call to action for residents to embrace change, spearhead progress, and collectively steer Amenfi West towards a future marked by growth and prosperity.


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