Osgood Pop and Ice Cream Studio Hosts Final 10 Contestants of Face of Health, Asankrangwa

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The Asankrangwa Nursing and Midwifery Training College (NMTC) which is celebrating its 14th SRC this week as part of its activities has to get someone who will serve as the “Face of NMTC, Asankrangwa”. The program which started yesterday saw 19 contestants who were called on stage in turns to display some performances, answer a few questions and also educate the audience on randomly selected health topics.

At the end of the first stage which happened yesterday, the 28th of June 2023, ten out of the nineteen contestants qualified for the next stage.

Osgood Afari, CEO of Osgood Pop and Ice Cream Studio together with his employees have played a significant role in the Asankrangwa NMTC 14th SRC week celebration acting as a co-sponsor.

For a couple of months, Osgood Pops and Ice Cream Studio has continuously committed to serving students and tutors of Asankrangwa NMTC building a rapport between Osgood Pop and Ice Cream Studio and Asankrangwa NMTC. Hence, the brand key involvement in various engaging activities in the reputable institution.

The 2023 Face of NMTC, Asankrangwa is highly competitive and is getting more interesting as Osgood Pops is sure to up the stakes of the show with captivating rewards and gifts for contestants and serving fans with scrumptious Pizza and popcorn, drinks, etc.

Undoubtedly, Osgood Pop and Ice Cream Studio has earned its mark in Asankrangwa and its environs, making it a point to support platforms that gives the spotlight to people to excel.

Osgood Afari, the CEO of Osgood Pops and Ice Cream Studio with his employees met the ten contestants who qualified for the next stage of Face of Health today, 29th June 2023 at Osgood Pop and Ice Cream Studio.

The CEO splashed a variety of gift items on the gorgeous ladies who were on cloud nine. They enjoyed different products…ice cream, popcorn, pizza, Coca-Cola, etc. from Osgood Pop and Icecream Studio.

The CEO used the opportunity to wish the remaining competing queens well in the competition.

Osgood Afari, CEO of Osgood Pop and Ice Cream Studio with the remaining contestants


Osgood Afari: The Young Entrepreneur Taking Asankrangwa by Storm

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