How to identify a verbal aggressor

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Lots of people hardly realize how serious the consequences of psychological violence are, but it is no less dangerous than physical aggression.

1. The Mood Killer
Moral sadists can’t stand it when someone is feeling good, and so they will look for convenient excuses to ruin your mood, each time enjoying bringing you to tears.

2. Unconditional Justice
Verbal aggressors never apologize: they are sure they are right by default.

3. Infringement of Interests
They often ridicule other people’s hobbies and interests, making people ashamed or even embarrassed of their favourite activities.

4. Impairment
Aggressors devalue the work of others and speak with contempt of any achievements, causing us to give up and think that our efforts do not need anyone.

5. Disguised lowliness
Verbal terror often takes place behind closed doors so that no one can interfere. The victim is quietly harassed at school, work, or home and gradually driven to the point of extreme despair.


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