How to talk to a girl

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Talking to an unfamiliar girl may be challenging, but it can be simplified into five concrete steps.

First, break the ice by honestly acknowledging that you noticed her and mention something you observed.

Second, continue conversing with her in a playful and non-needy manner, focusing on her and sharing your impressions. Allow her to become more comfortable with your presence and adjust to the unexpected situation.

Third, ideally, she will gradually warm up to you and engage in a more enjoyable conversation. You can also share some information about yourself while giving more attention to her, maintaining an 80/20 ratio. If she appears disinterested, gracefully exit the conversation.

Fourth, as she opens up, take on a more inquisitive role by asking deeper, open-ended questions while occasionally providing glimpses into your life. Keep her intrigued, but remember the focus remains on her, with an 80/20 ratio. Make sure to actively listen and show appreciation for her thoughts and experiences.

Fifth, after a pleasant exchange lasting around 5-10 minutes, take the lead and politely conclude the conversation. Express your appreciation for meeting her, mention her interesting qualities, and suggest the possibility of meeting for coffee in the future. If the conversation was enjoyable and she shared personal information, exchanging contact information should feel like a natural continuation. Rather than considering it as “picking her up,” view it as meeting someone new and intriguing.

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