5 tricks to make girls chase you

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1. Use the “Bachelor Effect”

When one girl sees another girl want a guy, they will also want this guy, this is called Bachelor Effect.

They start to think that this guy might be good because every girl wants him.

To make this work, always keep more options or at least act.

2. Nail The First Impression

Always try to nail your first impression in front of any girl.

Don’t be awkward and clingy on your first impression.

Try to keep your cool, be confident, and show your dominance the first time you meet her. Girls love confident guys.

3. Friend Zone Her

Now, this might sound weird but this works very well.

Friend zoning her is like playing a reverse psychological trick on her.

Girls aren’t used to being friend-zoned,

so when you friendzone her they are gonna be confused & go crazy thinking about you.

4. Play Hard To Get

Never be a simp the first time you talk to her.

You should talk less and listen more about her.

Don’t tell her everything about yourself the first time you meet her.

Be mysterious & try playing hard to get.

Girls go crazy over things they can’t have.

5. Cancel On Her

Don’t be available for her all the time.

Have a life of your own and work on your passion.

Not a lot of guys cancel on dates with girls and when you do it, she will think of you as an exception.

Never keep her your first priority. This way she will chase you.


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