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1,Women are attracted to men who work with their hands-who can make basic fixes without needing help.

2,Making a high-level eye contact is a skill. It determines the importance of the person you’re in conversation with. Research says that gazing into another’s eyes leads people to feel increased love.

3,Speaking Passionately.

-passionate men appear set on their goals. They seem like they know what they want, and nothing can stop them. THAT is hot.

4, Well groomed with nails, cut short and clean hands and feet. Who smells good or at least has no bad body odor

5,Rolling a buttoned-up shirt to the elbows Running your fingers through your hair Being good with kids.

6, Reading a Book.

– Knowledge and experience matters. Read, read, read. Never stop reading Read books, news,
magazines, 9 journals, 9 and blogs

7,Women find funny men irresistible.

-The interesting part is that those with a good sense of humor is more preferred than physical looks.

8, Doing something fearless and bad-ass can automatically separate you from more than 90% of the


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