Nuhu Toppoh Backs ‘The Rising Stars’ Finals

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Nuhu Toppoh

In a heartwarming display of local support and community engagement, Nuhu Toppoh, a prominent NDC Constituency chairman hopeful, extended his benevolence to ‘The Rising Stars’ event by sponsoring the finals.

Nuhu Toppoh’s generous contribution included the donation of three Kid’s tablets to be awarded to the winner of this exciting talent competition. This act of kindness not only celebrates the achievements of our budding talents but also underlines the spirit of unity and support within the Asankrangwa community.

The collaboration between Nuhu Toppoh and Best Tape Entertainment, the organizing body behind ‘The Rising Stars,’ is a long-standing partnership that dates back to their successful management of Miss Phyllis in the Miss Western 2022 beauty pageant.

Ebenezer Ansah-Boafo, General Manager of Best Tape Entertainment, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for Nuhu Toppoh’s unwavering support over the years. “Nuhu Toppoh has been a pillar of strength for us since our journey managing Miss Phyllis. His consistent encouragement and contributions have been instrumental in our endeavours,” Ansah-Boafo stated.

Nuhu Toppoh’s endorsement of ‘The Rising Stars’ further exemplifies his commitment to fostering a vibrant local arts and culture scene in Asankrangwa. The event organizers have been buoyed by his encouragement and are deeply appreciative of his support.

As ‘The Rising Stars’ season 1 reached its exciting grand finale, the collective efforts and backing of community leaders like Nuhu Toppoh shine brightly, illuminating the path for future generations of talented youth in the region.


Story by Ebenezer-Ansah Boafo

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