Amenfi West: Hon. Afrifa Explores Granite Deposits for Development

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During a community tour in Gonukrom on 18th February, 2024, Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa unveiled plans to harness the granite deposits he has discovered in the area for developmental purposes. With a focus on responsible mining practices, he aims to leverage these resources to drive progress and infrastructure development within Amenfi West.

Hon. Afrifa disclosed his collaboration with a team of experts to strategize the utilization of the granite deposits found in the the Gonukrom-Attobrakrom area. This endeavour represents a significant step towards maximizing the potential of the region’s natural resources for economic growth and community advancement.

Commitment to Responsible Mining

Emphasizing the importance of responsible mining practices, Hon. Afrifa expressed his dedication to ensuring that mining activities in the area adhere to sustainable and ethical standards. By prioritizing responsible mining, he aims to mitigate environmental impacts and foster a harmonious relationship between mining operations and the community.

Economic Potential for Road Construction and Building Purposes

Highlighting the significance of the granite deposits, Hon. Afrifa underlined their potential in supporting road construction and building projects within Amenfi West. “Establishing a large quarry in the region could be instrumental in providing materials for infrastructure development and enhancing local construction activities”, he added.

Development Narrative Transformation

With a vision to reshape the development narrative of Amenfi West, Hon. Afrifa envisions a future where the abundant resources in Amenfi West are effectively harnessed for sustainable growth. By capitalizing on the granite deposits and other available resources, he aims to drive positive change and propel the community towards prosperity.

Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa’s exploration of granite deposits in Gonukrom-Attobrakrom signifies a proactive approach to resource utilization and economic development. By tapping into the potential of these natural resources, he seeks to catalyze infrastructure projects, foster responsible mining practices, and unlock new opportunities for growth in Amenfi West. With a strategic focus on sustainable development and harnessing local resources, his initiatives hold the promise of transformative change and enhanced prosperity for the community.



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