(Video) Decomposed Corpse Exhumed and Sun-Dried After 3 Days Burial at Assin Aniakagya

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A tragic incident has unfolded in Assin Aniakagya, in the Assin North District of the Central Region, where the decomposing body of a 23-year-old man, Kofi Adams, had been exhumed following his untimely death. The circumstances surrounding his demise and the subsequent actions taken by the community have led to a distressing situation.

Kofi Adams allegedly drowned in an abandoned galamsey pit, leading to his premature death. The family and community elders adhered to Muslim customs and conducted a burial without prior police notification or formalities.

Upon learning of the situation, the police reportedly ordered the exhumation of the body for further investigations. However, the community carried out the exhumation without the necessary orders and environmental health directives. The mortuary rejected the body due to the severe state of decomposition.

The decomposing body, rejected by the mortuary, was left exposed to the sun, leading to health concerns as the remains emitted a strong odour. When the community could no longer endure the situation, they returned the body to the grave, leaving it uncovered.

Kofi Adams’ uncle, Prince Owusu Yeboah, urged the police to allow the family to bury the body to address the cause of death later. The community, angered by the circumstances, is threatening drastic action if the police do not permit the burial.

The deteriorating state of Kofi Adams’ body, amidst community tensions and anger, reflects a distressing situation in Assin Aniakagya. The disregard for legal protocols and health implications surrounding the handling of the deceased highlights the need for proper procedures and sensitivity in dealing with such cases. Urgent intervention from authorities is required to address the community’s concerns and ensure a respectful and lawful resolution moving forward.



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