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During a community engagement session in Nyamnnae Community within the Amenfi West Municipality of the Western Region of Ghana on Sunday, 18th February, 2024, Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the 2024 general elections, outlined transformative plans to revamp local businesses and empower the community economically.

Rebranding Local Black Soap – Amonkyi

Hon Kwasi Afrifa announced an ambitious proposal to rebrand the local black soap known as Amonkyi in the area to enhance its competitiveness in the soap market. He emphasized the importance of colour enhancement, fragrance improvement, and strategic marketing to elevate the product. By empowering women involved in the production of this soap, he aims to boost the local economy and increase patronage.

He also shed light on leveraging local resources for economic growth and harnessing Amenfi West Resources.
Recognizing the untapped potential of agricultural products from the region, Hon Afrifa proposed processing these farm goods to generate sustainable income for families and stimulate economic growth. By adding value to local resources, he envisions a positive economic impact that benefits both residents and the broader economy.

Hon Afrifa stressed the importance of harnessing these assets to address local needs and drive community development. By exploring and maximizing these resources effectively, he aims to create opportunities for economic advancement and improved livelihoods.

Community Response and Support

The visionary initiatives presented by Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa resonated strongly with the community members, who welcomed his ideas with enthusiasm and appreciative applause. His commitment to empowering local businesses, uplifting women entrepreneurs, and promoting economic sustainability struck a chord with the people, instilling hope for a prosperous and thriving community.

Conclusively, Hon Kwasi Afrifa’s strategic vision to rebrand local products like Amonkyi black soap and leverage agricultural resources for economic empowerment reflects a proactive approach to community development and economic revitalization. By fostering local businesses, enhancing market competitiveness, and utilizing available resources effectively, he is poised to drive positive change, promote economic growth, and empower residents in Amenfi West for a brighter future.


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