Amenfi West MCE Collaborates with Hon.Kwasi Afrifa to Improve Water Access and Market Infrastructure in The Area

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In a recent visit to Tigarikrom, a community in Samreboi on Saturday, 2nd March 2024, Hon Lord Nana Tandoh, the Municipal Chief Executive of Wassa Amenfi West, addressed the pressing issue of access to potable water in the region. This significant development came on the heels of numerous complaints from the residents regarding water challenges in the area.

During his visit, Hon. Lord Nana Tandoh highlighted an ongoing water construction project at Tigarikrom Number 1 quarters as a testament to the commitment to improving water access in the area. He also mentioned the existence of several ongoing water projects in various communities within Wassa Amenfi West, including Asankrangwa, Wassa Dunkwa, Amoamang, Asankran Saa, Gyarman, and others.

Of significant importance is the collaboration between Amenfi West MCE, Hon. Lord Nana Tandoh and Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for 2024, to facilitate the establishment of a comprehensive water system in Samreboi and Tigarikrom. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of local authorities to address critical infrastructure needs in the region.

In addition to the water system development initiatives, Hon Lord Nana Tandoh expressed his dedication to enhancing the local market infrastructure in the region. Acknowledging the substandard state of the market, he emphasized his plans for improvement to better serve the community.

During his interaction with the community members, Hon. Lord Nana Tandoh urged them to look beyond political affiliations and unite in support of development-focused leaders like Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa. He appealed to the residents to give Hon. Afrifa a chance to demonstrate his capabilities, assuring them of tangible improvements under his leadership.

Hon Lord Nana Tandoh’s visit and the subsequent assurances regarding water system development in Samreboi and Tigarikrom signify a step forward in addressing crucial infrastructure needs in the Wassa Amenfi West municipality. The collaborative efforts and future plans outlined during this visit serve as a promising outlook for the advancement of the region.


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