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In the prelude to this discussion, the writer talked about building passion for our purpose. This one talks about ways of building passion. It is additional information to the previous discussion.



1. Acquiring inspiration

The main ingredient to building passion is receiving inspiration. Inspiration is critical if we are going to discover what we are passionate about. Inspiration I will say is the fuel of passion. Without inspiration, our passion will die out. I know some will ask why inspiration. I also want to ask you why inspiration. This is because inspiration is messages, and events that build your courage, and tell you it is possible. Inspiration tells you, you can overcome your present circumstances. Les Brown shared a story that a teacher inspired him and it cleared his negative thoughts about that he’s good for nothing and the impression people created about him. Les Brown says I should tell you don’t let someone’s opinion about you become the reality. It is an inspiration because it kills doubt, it kills stress in all forms that rob people of their passion, and it kills fear and builds up faith.
Paraphrasing Joseph De Guibert ” it usually happens that the more faithfully a person follows the inspiration he receives, the more he experiences new inspirations which ask increasingly more of him. Also quoting Jack London” You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go for it with a club”. As stated you need to seek inspiration. Inspiration can be acquired through listening to motivational speeches, reading motivational books, having mentors, attending seminars, and learning with a mentor and a whole lot.
Passion will die without constant injection of new inspiration. Passion is a flame that has to be fed in order to keep it burning bright. You are responsible for feeding inspiration to keep the flame of passion.

2. You must work and develop yourself

Developing yourself entails the conscious effort you must take to identify yourself ( who you really are), your purpose on earth and how to achieve it to develop the right passion for your dreams. You must know who you are. Create an image for yourself and also add value to yourself.

3. You must get energy drainers and naysayers out of your life

Energy drainers and naysayers create the impression that you can’t live up to your dreams and they will mess you up by killing your passions. Once your passion dies out, your dreams also die. They begin to make you think their opinion about you is the reality. Winfrey Oprah said, “Thoughts are the greatest vehicle of change to power and successful life”. You are the product of your thoughts. What you think about most impacts your life and your life becomes the manifestation of that thought. These people I must say are losers and will end up messing you up like how they are without a sense of direction, passion and purpose. They are dead and perished because they lack dreams.

4. You must surround yourself with people with vision.

Surround yourself with people who are hungry to achieve their dreams and know it is possible and want more. An adage goes “Birds of a feather flock together”. The Bible states emphatically in Proverbs 13:20 show me your friends- I’ll show you your character and it continues to say he who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm. Take losers out of your life, it is time to kick them out, drive them out. They do not deserve a place in your life. They kill passion and will eventually shatter your dreams.

5. Build self-confidence

Self-confidence is the belief you have in yourself. In developing passion always tell yourself the following statements and I would like you to shout and declare it to yourself wherever you are.

1. It is possible
2. I can do it
3. The dream I have in my mind is possible
4. I will not give up

The aforementioned statements tell you that confidence is to building passion. You must know, you will incur disappointment, a lot of failures, a lot of pains, and a lot of setbacks but say to yourself I will never give up. In the process you will discover the greatness in you, the power you possess, you are greater than your circumstances, and you can’t go through life being a victim. Confidence will help you make room for all this. I, therefore, encourage you to rise and build confidence.

6. You must develop faith but not fear.

Faith is the opposite of fear. Faith and fear have the same definition. They both require something to happen. Faith is the expectation of something great to happen while fear is the expectation of a misfortune happening. We have two choices in facing the future; either you face it with faith or with fear. The fear of failing inhibits and restricts performance and can throw cold waters over human passion. The greatest fear held by many people is the fear of death. An adage goes” cowards die many times before their time”. Because of fear, many people do not even start the journey of accomplishing their dreams because one way or the other they are afraid of failing, they don’t want to be blamed for failing, they are afraid of the future, they can’t handle success probably they might die on the way or die after achieving their goals. Fear is the greatest naysayer because it constantly reminds you, I can’t get there from here! So why the start and the need not to put your plans in motion? Many life failures are people who did not realize how close they were to their to success and gave up due to fear. Faith assures you that it is possible. Faith will always tell you, you do not know what the future holds but you know who holds the future. My faith in God tells me I don’t know what is ahead of me but my future is soo bright and sparkling. I am a successful person when I leave everything into God’s hands and build the right principles and passion for myself. Real successful people live their lives in the care of God because they know “Man proposes but God disposes”. I don’t know who you believe but there is a greater power who oversees everything in this world and everything is in his care. Faith makes you an optimist. In Zig Ziglar’s “better than good” he talks about optimists and this is how he describes optimists. Optimists are people full of passion, they expect a favourable outcome no matter the situation. Optimists have positive attitudes, their perspectives eternal, and their enthusiasm contagious. Optimists are the hand that grasps the tool of possibility and puts them to work when everyone else has called it a day. The Optimist carries an atmosphere of hope and encouragement that become infectious. His associates lose their gloom in the light of his “can-do-ism”. Optimists love facts. If you want to have passion you can’t be a pessimist.

Did you know that what you think powerfully impacts who you are? Frank Outlaw expressed the power of thoughts this way
1. Watch your thoughts; they become your words
2. Watch your words; they become your actions
3. Watch your actions; they become your habits
4. Watch your habits; they become your destiny.
This tells you the kind of faith you must build.
I want us to make some declarations entitled FEAR NOT. Wherever you are I want you to say
1. I must not fear failure
2. I must not fear the security of my own inhibitions
3. I must not fear the future.
4. I must not fear living with the tensions, that exists between what I know and what I do not know.
5. I must not fear the security of the future versus the insecurity of the past
6. I must not fear success

In so doing I want to tell you that I am”doing better than good” because I have made friends with the past, focused on the present and optimistic about the future-Zig Ziglar.


1. You will stay focused on God
2. You will live without fear
3. You will be inspired
4. You will work hard
5. You will welcome failure as part of your education
6. You will keep hope alive
7. You will reach your God-given potential.

At least if you didn’t get anything try to keep this with you, From Zig Ziglar’s “better than good” he wrote an extract I would like to share with you
You are going to fail, be taken advantage of, be disappointed by people you trusted, disappoint yourself, and run out of resources – almost every day you’re going to encounter good, solid and logical reasons why you ought to give up. And without passion, you just might. That’s why passion is the prerequisite for peak performance.


1. Why develop passion, why pay the price, why work hard, why try to do much, why take responsibility, why overcome, why learn everything, why share everything, why the need to start it goes on and on. Please sit down and list your own why’s. Work on it and answer them. One of the biggest secrete to success is to list your own why. It gingers you to work hard. Why is powerful and mighty, and how is easy?
2. Why do I have to become valuable in the market of life to my family, friends, society, my nation, and the world at large?
3. Why not me starting the change and setting goals? Basically, Why not me?
4. Why not Now?

It is known that “We join because we believe, we stay because we are committed, we came back because we were lost without a dream we are lost and the need to build a passion for that dream”.


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The writer, Augustus Kumi completed IBS Educational Complex, Asankrangwa in 2020. He is now a final-year student at PRESEC LEGON

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