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In life, there are three pillars that every human has to live the “better than good” life to Zig Ziglar. These pillars are;
1. Passion
2. Peak performance
3. Purpose

Passion serves as the foundation for the other pillars. Without passion, nothing will drive you to work to your full potential and accomplish your purpose. Paraphrasing Zig Ziglar ” No one can perform at his or her peak without passion”. I must tell you life’s too tough to get to the top without passion.
The question is what then is passion? I define passion as a strong feeling, emotions, and burning desire that drives and gives zeal and love for a purpose needed to be accomplished. Passion is something embedded in you, which makes you love something and gives you the driving force to go for it. Passion plays a significant part in all accomplishments.

Passion doesn’t occur suddenly though we have it in us. You must find your passion and develop it. You possess it but you may not be aware of it. Finding and developing passion is a journey, not an event. You must take a systematic approach to find your passion and develop it. Passion doesn’t occur overnight. Conscious steps and preparation must be taken to bring our passion to fruition. According to the Bible in 1st Samuel 17, it could be seen how David, a young shepherd boy, developed a passion and was passionate about defeating the giant Goliath and defending the honour of God’s people, the Israelites. For most people passion is cultivated and developed over time.

When God told Noah about the flood, there weren’t any signs of rain and eventually floods but he developed the passion of building the ark.


By Kumi Lartey Augustus

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