(Video)”Tragedy Strikes: Fatal Stabbing at Botianor Mosque Sends Shockwaves Through Community”

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In a harrowing turn of events at the Botianor Mosque in the Ga South Municipality, a tragic incident unfolded, resulting in the untimely death of a man believed to be in his early 40s. The victim, identified as Abubakar, met a fatal end on Sunday after being stabbed by his colleague, named Latif, just moments after the conclusion of prayers.

The distressing episode transpired at Old Botianor within the GA South Municipality, casting a shadow over the serene setting of the mosque.

Eyewitnesses have recounted that after the prayers, a heated exchange erupted between the deceased, Abubakar, and the perpetrator, Latif. The verbal altercation quickly escalated, culminating in a violent confrontation.

As tensions flared between Abubakar and Latif, the situation took a deadly turn when Latif allegedly assaulted Abubakar. Subduing him, Latif proceeded to draw a knife from his pocket and inflicted a fatal stab wound to Abubakar’s heart, sealing his tragic fate.

Following the brutal attack, the suspect, Latif, was swiftly apprehended by the Kokrobite Police Station. Meanwhile, the lifeless body of Abubakar has been transferred to the morgue at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, awaiting further investigations and proceedings.

Implications and Community Impact:

The shocking incident has left the community reeling with grief and disbelief, as the senseless act of violence has shattered the peace and tranquillity of the mosque and its worshippers. The loss of a life under such circumstances has sent shockwaves through Botianor and beyond, prompting reflection on the fragility of human relations and the devastating consequences of unchecked conflicts.


As authorities delve into the details surrounding this tragic episode, there is a collective call for swift justice and a thorough investigation to unravel the motives behind this senseless act of violence. The community mourns the loss of Abubakar and seeks closure and accountability in the wake of this distressing incident that has left scars in the hearts of all affected by this tragedy.



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