Amenfi West NPP Secretary Reacts to Hon.Kofi Asante’s Defection with Call for Unity and Fortitude

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In a recent dramatic turn of events within the Amenfi West NPP constituency, the General Party Secretary, Abiyaw Donovan Mathew (Natsu), has issued a robust response to the resignation of Hon. Abraham Kofi Asante from the New Patriotic Party on the 9th of March 2024. The resignation of Hon. Asante, a well-known figure within the party, has sent ripples through the political landscape, prompting reflections on loyalty, commitment, and party values.

The constituency secretary’s press release advocates for composure and unity among party executives and steadfast followers in the wake of Hon. Asante’s defection to the NDC. The emphasis on remaining calm underlines the need for resilience and internal cohesion during periods of political transition.

The secretary highlights Hon. Asante’s public declaration of resignation without prior communication with party leadership. This action, according to the secretary, is a premeditated and irreversible choice, casting light on the depth of his decision-making process.

The press release acknowledges Hon. Kofi Asante’s history of service within the NPP, citing his tenure as Chief Executive Officer at the Ghana Investment Fund for Telecommunication during Ex President Kuffuor’s tenure and later at Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication (GIFEC) in 2017. His journey from appointment to parliamentary candidacy in the 2020 general elections is noted as a testament to the support he got from the party, only for him to defect from the NPP to NDC the very party he allegedly said nearly ended his life.

The secretary underscores the significant support and resources provided to Hon. Kofi Asante during the 2020 General elections, indicating a high level of investment and backing from the party. According to the secretary, Hon Kofi Asante was resourced very well than any other parliamentary candidate in the Western Region during the 2020 general elections.

The press release conveys disappointment at Hon. Asante’s decision to defect to the NDC despite the party’s unwavering support and investment in his political career. His departure to the opposing party is perceived as a betrayal of the NPP’s values and a departure from the party’s expectations.

The secretary concludes by urging party members, particularly in the Amenfi West Constituency, to maintain focus, determination, and unity in their pursuit of victory in the upcoming elections. This moment to him is seen as an opportunity to demonstrate the party’s collective strength, resilience, and steadfast adherence to its foundational principles.

Final Reflection

The response from the Amenfi West NPP constituency secretary to Hon. Abraham Kofi Asante’s resignation encapsulates a blend of acknowledgment, dismay, and a rallying call for unity in the face of political shifts. With a focus on party values, commitment, and solidarity, the press release serves as a clarion call for party members to stay resolute and unified as they navigate the intricate landscape of political dynamics and electoral strategy within the region.



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