Types of Women Who WILL Cheat On You, Especially If You’re a Good Man

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1. Girls that drink a lot.

Partying is fine as long as the girl is partying with her partner. But, if she turns out to be a party animal and doesn’t mind partying with anyone and anytime, then that is a red flag.

2. Girls also who say something and do something else.

She changes her mind instantly at the 99th stage when it’s only 1th stage to go for something she said or agreed with you to do. She canceled the plans at the last second when it’s already a time to begin to do that. You must never ever trust these type of girls.

3, The materialistic girl.

– Girls who love the gifts you buy and then love you. They will only find an excuse to get gifts and money from you. They are gold diggers, and one has to be very careful of such girls.

4, Girl who reacts overly conservative.

These types of girls do not often cheat physically but mentally and emotionally. She will prevent you from touching her. Scold you for being romantic she sees it as a childish act. And emotional affairs later, finally leads to physical affairs, too.

5, The attention seeker who always flirts with everyone.

It is hard to date a flirtatious girl because it is not easy to trust them when they just go around flirting and getting cosy with others. They seek good and validation from others.

6 Girl, who is a narcissist

-she’s super selfish, doesn’t consider the needs or feelings of others, and doesn’t consider the consequences of her actions. She worries just about

7. Girl with a lot of close male friends.

They are hypocrites and will kill you with jealousy and low self-esteem. They will tend to compare you to their male friends and make you question yourself. They will have a lot of options and may give up on you easily.

8. Daddies girl.

Yes you read right. A daddy’s girl is the girl who is always depending on her daddy for her all small to big expenses So if you marry a daddies immature girl, you will really end up getting cheating once you try to teach her to be mature and she take it as an insult.

9. Girl who cheated on her old boyfriend with you.

Chances are, they’re probably still hung up on their old relationship. There is a saying once a cheater always a cheater. Shell probably do it again.

10, The “Naughty” Girl.

Some women are just naturally naughty. They like to push boundaries, and they get a thrill from doing things that are a little bit naughty. This type of woman is more likely to cheat because she enjoys the thrill of being bad.

11, Always on her phone/social

– These types of girls are often bored and take to social media to have fun. They are always on the phone chatting or texting someone. They probably just don’t want to settle down.

12. The “Insecure” Girl.

– If a girl is insecure in her relationship, she may be more likely to cheat. This is because she may feel like she’s not good enough for her partner and she may look for validation from someone else.




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