The Rising Stars 2023: The Future Singers and Dickson Sam Scoop Awards on 2nd Week (video+Pictures)

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In today’s RISING STARS show, the judges were extremely impressed by the contestants’ performances. The talented individuals showcased incredible skill, passion, and dedication in their acts. There has been significant improvement. The trainers and organizers of the event have proven that they are more than prepared to give Asankranman and the world over the best music and dance show. Their performances were executed flawlessly, leaving the audience in awe and the judges speechless.

The judges commended the performers for their remarkable technique and artistry. They highlighted the precise movements, perfect timing, and impeccable control displayed throughout their performances. The level of skill exhibited was truly outstanding and demonstrated hard work and practice.

Moreover, the judges praised the performers’ abilities to captivate the audience and evoke emotions. Their performances were not only physically flawless but also carried a deep sense of passion and artistry that resonated with everyone who was in Nana Tandoh’s Conference Hall at Melody Hotel. It left a lasting impact and created a memorable experience for all.

The judges also acknowledged the performer’s commitment and dedication to their craft. It was evident that they had put in countless hours of rehearsals to perfect their act, and it clearly paid off. The judges admired their perseverance and commended them for pushing the boundaries of their abilities.

Overall, the judges and audience were highly impressed by the performance in the 2nd week and expressed their admiration and applause. It was a standout act that surpassed expectations and left a lasting impression. The performers truly showcased their extraordinary talent and proved why they deserved to be on that stage.


Future Singers Group won the best costume for the 2nd week. Dressed in a realistic and intriguing style, their costumes amazed everyone at the show earning them the title of best costume for the night.

Their costume was incredibly innovative and original. They incorporated unique elements which won the hearts of many. Their costume was flawlessly executed and their designer needs massive applause for such a high sense of creativity. Their costume epitomized the rising stars event. CEO of Chef Tony Restaurant, one of the sponsors of The Rising Stars event was present to deliver a nice package to the best costume winners.




Chef Tony Pizza and Restaurant, Asankrangwa Newtown off IBS Road. 0241634604.



Today’s star performer was none other than the incredibly talented and beloved contestant Dickson Sam who enraptured the audience and judges with unique moves, energy and electrifying stage performance. Dickson won the hearts of the audience and judges through his Black Sherif’s second sermon massive performance.


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