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Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the 2024 general elections, held a community engagement event on January 13th, 2024, at Asankrangwa Breman Principal Street. During this event, Hon Afrifa emphasized the need for informed leadership and development in Amenfi West, transcending political affiliations.

The meeting with the Breman community shed light on various concerns, including the lack of electricity extension in Asankran Breman and the poor state of roads in Samreboi, despite it being the largest cocoa district in the area. In response to these concerns, Hon Afrifa issued a challenge to the constituents, urging them to “try him and see” the positive changes that can be brought about through his leadership. He emphasized his belief in development with freedom and his alignment with the NPP, while also emphasizing his commitment to the development of Amenfi West.

Furthermore, Hon Afrifa cautioned the constituents not to be swayed by politicians who use excuses as a form of governance. Instead, he encouraged them to assess whether the power of their vote has truly made a difference in their lives over the years. He cited the example of Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa, an opposition MP who successfully lobbied for development projects in his constituency, even during times of disaster. Hon Afrifa highlighted the importance of networking, making connections, and making one’s voice heard to bring about positive change in governance.

Hon Afrifa’s call for informed leadership and development in Amenfi West resonated with the needs and aspirations of the constituents. Hon Afrifa presented a vision of progress and a commitment to addressing the pressing issues faced by the community.



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