The  Media has failed to hold the government Accountable on critical Environmental Issues-John Mahama

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On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2024, former President and Presidential Candidate for the NDC, John Mahama, raised concerns about the media’s failure to hold the government accountable for critical environmental issues. Despite the theme of the day emphasizing the role of journalism in addressing the environmental crisis, Mahama noted that the media in Ghana has not effectively held the government accountable for issues such as illegal mining, deforestation, and worsening sanitation.

Mahama emphasized that the ongoing degradation of water bodies and forests poses significant threats to the environment, health, and livelihoods of communities. He called on the media to use its power to expose these harmful activities and inspire society and authorities to take action.

Mahama also expressed his commitment to fostering a stronger partnership between the government and the media to protect natural resources for future generations. He stated that together, they will work towards a more transparent and accountable framework that emphasizes sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Mahama’s message highlights the crucial role of the media in addressing the environmental crisis. By holding the government accountable, exposing harmful activities, and inspiring action, the media can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society. On World Press Freedom Day, Mahama called on the media to reaffirm its dedication to confronting the environmental crisis and shaping a better future for all.

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