The Hypocrisy of “Support Your Own” in the Ghana Music Industry

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The music industry in Ghana is known for its rich and diverse sounds that showcase the country’s unique culture and talent. However, despite the call for industry players to “support your own,” this sentiment is often not put into practice. As someone who has worked with various players in the industry, I have noticed that many of those who cry for help are also those who decline support for others below them.

Top artists, event organizers, rental services, and DJs are all part of the industry, and they should all work together to lift it. However, some top artists may not care about the event organizer or the success of the event, and they may even refuse to share the marketing flyer. Event organizers, on the other hand, may ignore the needs of the artists, especially up-and-coming ones. Rental services may also overlook the needs of the event organizers, and DJs may only be interested in promoting Popular artists.

This cycle of self-centeredness is a significant obstacle to creating a supportive and collaborative industry. In some cases, industry players may be focused on their personal success or may fear that helping others will hurt their careers or financial stability.

While it’s important to recognize that not everyone in the industry behaves this way, it’s essential to address the issue of hypocrisy and promote a more supportive culture. Supporting each other does not mean only focusing on artists. It means recognizing that everyone in the industry has a role to play and that their contributions are essential to the success of the industry.

To create a more supportive and collaborative industry, it’s crucial to start with individual actions. Top artists can support the event organizers by sharing the marketing flyer and promoting the event. Event organizers can acknowledge the efforts of the artists and ensure that they are compensated fairly. Rental services can provide quality equipment and services to event organizers, while DJs can promote the music of all artists, not just the popular ones.

In conclusion, the call for industry players to “support your own” in the Ghana music industry is a noble one. However, it’s time to move beyond the rhetoric and start putting it into practice. Everyone in the industry has a role to play, and supporting each other is the only way to create a thriving industry for all.

Ebenezer Ansah-Boafo


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