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Joey Barton Claims Lionel Messi’s Achievements Should Be Asterisked Due to Childhood Growth Hormone Treatment

Former Premier League midfielder Joey Barton has made controversial remarks suggesting that Lionel Messi’s achievements should be asterisked due to the medical treatment he received as a child to address a growth hormone deficiency. Barton argues that Messi’s use of growth hormone and other medications to enhance his physical development …

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(Photos) Tragic Explosion at a Quarry Site Claims Multiple Lives in Shama District

  In a shocking and devastating turn of events, a quarry site located around Ohiamadwin, Omni Quarry Kwabenanokrom in the Shama District became the site of a catastrophic explosion that resulted in a significant loss of lives. The incident, which occurred yesterday night around 10:40 p.m., has left the community …

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