Joey Barton Claims Lionel Messi’s Achievements Should Be Asterisked Due to Childhood Growth Hormone Treatment

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Former Premier League midfielder Joey Barton has made controversial remarks suggesting that Lionel Messi’s achievements should be asterisked due to the medical treatment he received as a child to address a growth hormone deficiency.

Barton argues that Messi’s use of growth hormone and other medications to enhance his physical development constitutes a form of genetic modification. He believes that this gives Messi an unfair advantage over other players and warrants an asterisk next to his name.

Growth hormone deficiency is a rare condition that can lead to stunted growth and other developmental issues. Treatment typically involves the administration of synthetic growth hormone to stimulate growth.

Barton’s comments raise ethical questions about the use of performance-enhancing substances in sports. Some argue that any form of medical intervention that alters an athlete’s natural abilities should be considered unfair.

Despite Barton’s claims, Messi’s achievements are widely regarded as the result of his exceptional talent, hard work, and dedication. He has won numerous individual and team awards, including seven Ballon d’Or trophies.

Barton’s remarks have been met with criticism from many quarters. Many have defended Messi’s legacy, arguing that his greatness is due to his natural abilities and not the result of medical intervention.

Barton’s statement has sparked a debate about the ethics of performance-enhancing substances in sports. While some may question the fairness of using medical interventions to enhance athletic abilities, Messi’s achievements remain a testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering determination.

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