Some Harsh Realities of Life You Must Know

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1. You May Be Better Without Some People. People come and go. As you grow older, your priorities and character will change. Accept that growing means you will have to leave a lot of things behind, no matter how hard and painful.

2. You Don’t Have to Accept Yourself for Who You Are. You can work on yourself to change your bad qualities, improve yourself and grow into a better person.

3. No One Will Care for You Better Than You Will. We are all born into this world to find our purpose and fulfil our own aspirations. Everyone is too busy looking out for themselves and doesn’t have the time to care about you.

4. Sometimes, Bad Things Happen to Good People. You cannot control everything that happens in your life. What you can do, however, is use every experience as an instrument of learning and transformation towards living your destiny rather than playing victim to them.

5. Nothing is Permanent in this World. Spend more quality time with your parents. Don’t waste your chance to ask for their advice while they’re still here with you. We can never tell how much time we have here in this world.

6. One day your parents will die, and you will remember them while looking at others’ parents and you will remember your past memories. And when you are in trouble, you will also remember them.

7. After some years you will not be able to do any work.

8. You cannot make everyone happy. There are many people who will never like you, and sometimes the reasons will be a mystery to you.

9. Ultimately you are all you have. People come and go; you really are not as important to other people as you would like to be.

10. People will always judge you for your personal choices.

11. Marriage can be a bitter, lonely and loveless experience. Many times, your partner may ignore your feelings and never apologize for it.

12. Although you have talent and ambition, sometimes you will not succeed in some aspects in which you would like to be successful.

13. Sometimes excessive worry is unavoidable, but it often prevents you from achieving success.

14. There are people who will only like you if you agree with their views on politics, religion or morals.

15. Fear is the most devastating emotion.

16. You may never be able to fulfil all your love and sex fantasies. Sometimes marriage can be a cruel trap.

17. Do not believe everything you see or read. Dare to think for yourself, challenge your comfort zone and create your own opinions.

18. Even if you love someone, it doesn’t mean that person loves you.

19. Life is painful. You may have a lot to give, but sometimes no one is willing to receive.

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