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As part of the topics in the JHS Career Technology (Home Ec) subject, students are to have practical lessons on cooking food and methods. The form three students of IBS Educational Complex had practical lessons on food preparation in a new outdoor kitchen setup at the school premises, specifically the school’s park on 15th November 2023. The students were divided into eight groups and were asked to prepare different local and international dishes. Foods prepared by the eight groups were vermicelli(Spaghetti) rice, Jollof rice, Saffron rice, rice balls with groundnut soup, Banku with Okro stew, Ampesi (Yam and Plantain) with palava sauce, curry rice and fufu with carrot soup. All the groups had simple and creative hands-on ideas.

The students enjoyed themselves as they learnt their practical skills, and their teacher, Sir Charles Warabae Daddey, divided them into teams to encourage friendly competition as they prepared traditional and international dishes.

At the end of the cooking contest, the director of the school, Mr Alberto Tekyi, together with the administrator, Mr Obiri Yeboah, was present to inspect the food and tantalize their taste buds as well.

The director of the school applauded all the students and concluded that all groups were winners because different people have different taste buds though he preferred the Saffron Rice Group.

The practical assignment for IBS JHS three students involved preparing different foods to develop various skills and knowledge areas. The goal of the assignment, according to the career technology teacher, Sir Charles Warabae Daddey (Ol3), was to provide students with hands-on experience in food preparation, cooking, and presentation.

The practical assignment is part of the junior high school curriculum, which focuses on developing life skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. The assignment was designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to real-life situations.

The practical aspect of the assignment involved students working in groups to prepare and present their dishes. Each group were responsible for planning, shopping, preparing, and presenting their dishes to the director and administrator of the school. The presentation included a brief introduction to their dish, its cultural significance, and nutritional value.

At the end of the practicals, one of the students, Abena Mersua who interacted with Olivia Nyampong, one of Pazion Media Representatives at the event said she has developed culinary skills and also learnt various cooking techniques, such as chopping, sautéing, boiling, and frying. I have learnt how to measure ingredients, read recipes, and follow cooking instructions, she added.

Benedicta Adu Boahene, leader of the curry rice group, said the practical lesson will go a long way to improve their problem-solving skills. According to her, their group encountered various challenges during the food preparation process, such as unexpected ingredient shortages and equipment failures. She has also learnt to work as a team.

Overall, the practical assignment for JHS three students of IBS Educational Complex focused on preparing different foods and aimed at developing various skills and knowledge areas. By providing students with hands-on experience in food preparation, cooking, and presentation, the assignment will promote culinary skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork. The variety of dishes prepared will encourage cultural awareness, healthy eating habits, and sustainability. The practical aspect of the assignment provided students with a platform to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations, preparing them for future challenges.

All the students learned a lot from the contest and would love to be in the kitchen to help prepare dishes or prepare a dish when they are hungry in the absence of their parents.



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