Asankrangwa: Residents’ Lives in Danger, as Refuse Dump Causing Roadblock Now Catches Fire

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There’s a serious situation unfolding in Asankrangwa town, where a refuse dump causing a roadblock is now on fire, putting the lives of residents in danger.

Asankrangwa which is the municipal Capital of Wassa Amenfi West is facing a grave environmental challenge-waste pollution. The once clean and beautiful town is now engulfed in rubbish as the refuse dump immediately after the Kwama River has become full and covered half of the road leading to the Senior High School. For the past months, residents have been complaining about the dumping site along the Asankrangwa Senior High School but leaders have become adamant and insensitive to their complaints. Unfortunately, this incident has resulted in a more devastating problem as the refuse has caught fire and escalated and destroyed pipes connecting people’s homes.

The fire is believed to have started due to the improper disposal of flammable materials at the dumping site. The situation has become a cause for concern for the residents, as the fire continues to spread and emit harmful toxic fumes.

According to eyewitnesses, the fire started early today and it quickly spread due to the windy conditions. The flames have engulfed a significant portion of the dump site, and the smoke is affecting the surrounding areas, including residential homes and businesses. The fire has also caused a roadblock leading to the town.

Refuse is taking over the town as almost all the streets are lined with trash bags and plastics and the smell of rotten waste fills the air. The residents are struggling to navigate the streets, and the local businesses are suffering as a result of the unsanitary conditions.

The refuse dump, which was once a place where the town’s waste was efficiently disposed of, has now become a source of pollution and health hazards. The town’s authorities have been unable to keep up with the increasing amount of waste, and the dump has now reached its capacity.

The residents are frustrated with the situation, and many have taken to social media to express their concerns. “It’s unacceptable that we have to live in a town that’s surrounded by trash,” said one resident. “The authorities need to do something about this immediately.”

The local government has not announced any plans to address the issue. The residents are calling for immediate action to clean up the town and find a sustainable solution for waste management.

In the meantime, the town’s residents are advised to take precautions to protect themselves from the health hazards caused by the rubbish. This includes avoiding contact with the waste, keeping windows and doors closed, and using air purifiers to minimize the impact of the pollution.

The situation in the town is a reminder of the importance of proper waste management and the need for sustainable solutions to address the growing problem of waste disposal. It is hoped that the authorities will take swift action to address the issue and restore the town to its former glory.


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