(PHOTOS)Demystifying Hon. Kwasi Afrifa’s Ten Well-Defined Plans for Amenfi West

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Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the 2024 general elections, has unveiled a visionary roadmap for the holistic development and upliftment of Amenfi West. Through a series of ten well-defined objectives, Hon. Afrifa aims to tackle critical issues across various thematic areas, ranging from infrastructure and healthcare to education, youth empowerment, and agriculture. His vision is rooted in inclusivity, progress, and prosperity for the constituency, transcending partisan, religious, ethnic, and traditional divides.

Building an Inclusive Society

Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa’s ultimate goal is to foster unity among the people of Amenfi West, transcending divisions based on partisanship, religion, ethnicity, and tradition. This overarching vision sets the tone for the comprehensive development plans he has outlined.

Demystifying the Plans: Thematic Areas

1. Road Infrastructure
Hon. Afrifa’s objective is to advocate for the improvement of motorable and modern asphalted roads. The goal is to enhance connectivity within Amenfi West, unlocking economic opportunities and facilitating smoother transportation networks.

2. Health & Sanitation

The focus here is on modernizing healthcare infrastructure. Hon. Afrifa is committed to establishing healthcare centres, storm drains, and pipe-borne water supply systems to elevate public health standards in the constituency.

3. Education
To support the educational development of Amenfi West, Hon. Afrifa intends to establish an MP’s Fund. This fund will provide scholarships and bursaries for deserving students, particularly in critical fields like medicine, engineering, and agriculture, fostering educational excellence within the community.


4. Youth Employment & Empowerment

Empowering the youth is a priority for Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa. His objective is to implement training programs that focus on developing entrepreneurial skills, including small-scale mining, apprenticeships, and artisanal business ventures, to enhance economic opportunities for young individuals.

5. Sports Development

Recognizing the importance of sports and fitness, Hon. Afrifa aims to promote and support sporting activities by investing in infrastructure like parks, astro turfs, fitness centres, and children’s playgrounds, fostering a culture of healthy living within Amenfi West.

6. Agribusiness

Acknowledging the agrarian nature of the constituency, Hon. Afrifa plans to support agro-processing initiatives that capitalize on local resources such as cocoa husks and bamboo. He also intends to access small loans for farmers. By facilitating access to small loans for farmers, he aims to boost agricultural productivity and livelihoods.

7. Energy Sufficiency and Mobile Telephony

He has pledged to get every part of Amenfi West connected to the national grid and push to get mobile telephony to all corners of Amenfi West. Ensuring universal access to the national grid and mobile telecommunication services is crucial for improving connectivity and communication infrastructure across Amenfi West.

8. Disability Fund

He intends to create an MP’s Disability Fund that will empower individuals with disabilities through education, vocational training, and artisanal support, enabling their active participation in community development.

9. Community Welfare Scheme

He has pledged to institute MP’s Fund for social welfare scheme for widows and also the aged above 70 years who are poor.
By instituting an MP’s Fund for social welfare schemes, including support for widows, elderly individuals, and community health screenings, Hon. Afrifa aims to enhance the overall well-being of residents in Amenfi West.

10. Creative Arts and Special Talents
Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa recognizes and aims to nurture creative talents within the constituency, fostering a vibrant cultural environment and supporting individuals with exceptional abilities to achieve their full potential.

Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa’s well-defined plans for Amenfi West signify a deep commitment to inclusive development, social welfare, education, economic empowerment, and cultural enrichment. His vision encompasses a transformative journey towards a brighter and more prosperous future for the constituency, underpinned by inclusivity, progress, and prosperity.

Through his strategic objectives and dedicated efforts, Hon. Afrifa aims to uplift Amenfi West, empower its citizens, and pave the way for a sustainable and thriving community. As he embarks on this transformative journey, his dedication to serving the people of Amenfi West shines through, promising a future characterized by progress, inclusivity, and prosperity.

Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa’s vision demystifies the path to a brighter and more prosperous Amenfi West.

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