Official statement from Manchester United on Mason Greenwood After Comprehensive Investigations

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In February 2023, all charges against Mason Greenwood were dropped. Following this development, Manchester United has conducted a comprehensive investigation into the allegations against him. This investigation has involved examining extensive evidence and considering the context that is not publicly known. The club has also heard from various individuals who have direct involvement or knowledge of the case.

Throughout the investigation, the well-being and perspective of the alleged victim have been a central focus for the club. Manchester United respects her right to lifelong anonymity. At the same time, the club also has responsibilities towards Mason as an employee, a young person who has been with the club since the age of seven, and a new father with a partner.

The fact-finding phase of the investigation is now complete, and the club is currently in the final stages of determining Mason’s future. Contrary to media speculation, the decision has not yet been made and is currently being intensely deliberated internally. The ultimate responsibility for this decision rests with the Chief Executive Officer.

Once the decision is made, it will be communicated and explained to both the internal and external stakeholders of the club. Manchester United acknowledges that this case has been difficult for everyone associated with the club and understands the strong opinions it has generated based on the limited information available to the public. The club kindly requests patience as they work through the final stages of this well-considered process.

How do you think this investigation will impact Mason Greenwood’s career moving forward?

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