Notable Achievements of Ishmael Tanoh, an Aspiring Assembly Member of Asankran Breman Electoral Area

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An aspiring Assembly Member of the Asankran Breman Electoral Area by the name of Ishmael Tanoh who is affectionately called RATATA has been making a significant difference in his community through his involvement in communal labour and developmental projects. Below is a summary of his remarkable achievements and why he deserves to be the assembly member of the area.

  • He was inaugurated as the Board Chairman of the Community Water System in 2020, and he declared a surplus of over GHC 30,000 within a year of being Board Chairman
  •  He completed two abandoned GETFund projects for Breman M/A Basic School through his chairmanship of the School Management Committee.
  • He led efforts to clear a refuse dump that engulfed the community along the Asankran Breman-Oda Road.
  • In 2020, he raised funds of GHC15241 for park rehabilitation and mobilised GHC11200 to fix storm damage to Breman M/A JHS two school buildings which was left unattended for more than one month.
  • He mobilised an amount of GHC7400 for the tiling and connecting of a water closet at Breman Health Centre.
  • He successfully lobbied for and distributed hand sanitisers and nose masks to schools in Breman during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • He coordinated a team of engineers to establish network infrastructure (reception tower) in Breman in 2018.
  • He raised funds to rehabilitate two abandoned toilet facilities that were constructed in 2015 after the demise of Hon.John Gyetuah.
  • He hosted the biggest Father’s Day Party ever in Amenfi West Municipality in 2023.
  • Seventeen individuals have benefited from his idea of the graduation ceremony for apprentices to help them establish themselves after graduation. The least got GHC9000
  • He raised funds for GHC5400 and GHC6694 and provided support for victims of fire outbreaks in 2018 and 2020.
  • He raised an amount of GHC11114 to support a primary 4 child whose leg got severed by a sawmill machine.
  • He supported and mobilised funds for Juliana Akosua Afful (Manu) for Ghana Most Beautiful in 2021 and contributed to her success as second runner-up.

In summary, the remarkable achievements of Ishmael Tanoh demonstrate his worthiness and readiness to be given the mandate. His achievements span across various aspects of development, political and economic. Ishmael Tanoh possesses strong leadership qualities to make informed decisions. His mobilisation skills are essential for effectively representing and serving the community as an assembly member.

For detailed information, read the story below.

Amenfi West Assembly Elections: Ishmael Tanoh (RATATA) Sets the Record Straight with Remarkable Achievements for His Community



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