Amenfi West Assembly Elections: Ishmael Tanoh (RATATA) Sets the Record Straight with Remarkable Achievements for His Community

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The Assembly Member Election is a significant event where residents have the chance to select their representatives for the local Assembly. These representatives play a crucial role in decision-making and addressing the needs of the community. Therefore, it is important to carefully analyze and evaluate the candidates to choose the best person who will serve as the voice of the community and drive its development.

As the Assembly Member election approaches, candidates have been presenting themselves to the community, sharing their qualifications, plans, and visions for the area they hope to represent. Some have even started their campaigns, reaching out to residents to gain support and votes.

In relation to these developments, one candidate, Ishmael Tanoh, also known as RATATA, has highlighted his remarkable achievements in the Asankran Breman community, which demonstrate his worthiness to be given the mandate. His achievements span across various aspects of development, including social, political, and economic.

Below are some of the achievements and reasons why Ishmael Tanoh deserves to be the Assembly Member of the Asankran Breman Electoral Area.

1. Experience and Qualifications: Ishmael Tanoh has relevant experience and qualifications that make him well-suited for the position. He has experience in community development. He has been doing the most as the board chairman of the community water and sanitation system. When he was inaugurated as the Board Chairman of the Community Water System in November 2020, within a spate of one year, he rendered accounts to the community and declared a surplus of over GHC 30000. He is currently the School Management Committee Chairman of Breman M/A Basic School. Through his chairmanship, he was able to liaise with the Education Committee and PTA to complete two abandoned GETFund projects which were started by the late Honourable John Gyetuah.

2. Commitment to the Community: Ishmael Tanoh has a strong track record of active involvement and dedication to the community. He has participated in several community projects, advocated for the needs of the residents, and demonstrated a genuine concern for the well-being of the town. He has been a leading member of communal labour. His effort led to the clearing of the refuse dump along the Oda Road which engulfed the community, serving as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and creating a pungent smell in the area. In 2020, he raised an amount of GHC 15241 for the rehabilitation of the Breman Town Park from grading to planting of grasses. Hon Eric Afful gave some amount to support the project whilst Hon. Agyiri, the former MCE provided a grader. As the park rehabilitation was ongoing, a storm ripped off the roof of Breman M/A JHS two classroom blocks including the headmaster’s office. It was left unattended for more than one month. Ishmael Tanoh mobilised the boys and raised an amount of GHC 11200 to fix the damage to enable the students to have a comfortable classroom to learn. Hon. Eric Afful and Hon Kofi Asante also contributed to the roofing. In 2021, he also mobilised an amount of GHC7400 for the tiling of the washroom of the Breman Health Centre and connected their Water Closet so that patients and workers could get a place of convenient to ease themselves. It’s truly impressive to learn that the aspirant showed great initiative by raising funds to rehabilitate two abandoned toilet facilities that were constructed in 2015 after the passing of Hon. John Gyetuah. Again, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the need to maintain good hygiene and prevent the spread of the virus, it’s wonderful to hear that the aspirant successfully lobbied for hand sanitisers and nose masks from a miner who works in Tarkwa. These supplies were then distributed to schools in Breman.
Furthermore, Ishmael Tanoh volunteered and successfully coordinated a team of engineers, facilitated by Hon Kofi Asante, to prospect for an area to mount a reception tower (MTN Network Pole or mast) in Breman back in 2018. As a result of RATATA’s dedication, Asankran Breman can now proudly boast of a reliable network infrastructure.

Refuse dump along Oda Road cleared
RATATA Presents nose masks and hand sanitisers to RC JHS

3. Ability to Represent the Interests of Residents: Ishmael Tanoh has a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing the town. All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy. Through his ingenuity, he has been able to establish an entertainment centre in the town and hosted the biggest Father’s Day Party ever at Asankran Breman in Amenfi West Municipality in 2023. Also, in 2016, he came out with the idea to organise a graduation day ceremony for all apprentices to raise money to let them establish themselves after graduation. 17 individuals have benefited from his innovation, with 2 being males and 15 females. The least got an amount of GHC9000. They use the money from the graduation ceremony to buy plots and build containers to start their work as Masters.

4. Individual support: In 2018, there were victims of a fire outbreak in Nana Kwasi’s house, he raised an amount of GHC5400, toiletries and other household items to support them. There was another fire outbreak in 2020. A woman, her child and grandchild were victims. He again raised GHC 6694 with assorted materials to relieve them. In 2021, When a sawmill severed the legs of a primary 4 student in Breman, he was able to raise an amount of GHC 11114 to support his operation. He was also a leading member in raising money to support Juliana Akosua Afful (Manu) for Ghana Most Beautiful(GMB) in 2021. Through his effort, Manu was second runner-up and her homecoming and thanksgiving service brought unity and excitement to the people. It also raised the image of the community.

In summary, Ishmael Tanoh possesses strong leadership qualities, such as the ability to listen, collaborate, and make informed decisions. His mobilisation skill is top-notch which is one key quality of an Assembly Member. These skills are essential for effectively representing and serving the community as an Assembly member.

Residents of Asankran Breman should carefully evaluate the qualifications, values, experiences, achievements and goals of Ishmael Tanoh and make him their choice. As our elders say “The one who climbs a good tree needs a push”.

The Assembly Member Election is an important democratic process that allows residents to have a voice in local governance and ensures that their needs are represented. It’s an opportunity for the community to come together and participate in shaping the future of their area. It’s therefore important for community members to choose someone who has the development of the community at heart.

Breman M/A Basic School
RATATA actively involved in rehabilitation work on Breman Town Park
RATATA with a team of Engineers to prospect area for reception tower


Communal Labour at Breman



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