My crush’s beauty has gone extinct because of drugs…young man from Asankrangwa reveals

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Opinions are divided among the youth of Amenfi West, mainly members of the Wassa Amenfi West Old Students Association (WAWOSA) concerning the grave issue of drug abuse.

Recently, Ebenezer Ansah-Boafo, a native of Asankrangwa wrote a story on how drug abuse is ravaging the youth in the area. In his story “DRUG ABUSE IN ASANKRANGWA: A MENACE THAT DEMANDS ATTENTION”, he revealed that buying drugs and mixing them with toffees, bitters, and ice creams have become common in Asankrangwa and its environs.  (Read the full story here

Following this development, the young man has awakened the youth on the need to fight with all their might to put a stop to this canker despite previous attempts. Mr Toku, a native of Asankrangwa who has gone abroad revealed how he and Sir Rich(a radio presenter) went to ghettos to talk to them and even sent them to radio stations to share their experiences and why they have chosen to engage in drugs. However, he said he is disappointed that despite risking their lives to gather data on drugs in Asankrangwa and nearby towns, the leaders are fighting it with rhetoric.

He also shared his candid opinions on how some of the youth have channelled all their energies into organizing entertainment shows all the time. To him, such programs open way for many ” young people especially school-going children who are not mature to be hoodwinked into immoral acts such as drug abuse and prostitution.

The main concern of drug abuse has always been the general rise in the crime rate that inevitably goes with drug abuse.

However, one young man named Mr Arhin has expressed his views on the issue which seems to be funny, but worrying.

According to the young man, there is one girl she had a crush on in Asankrangwa but due to narcotics, the girl’s beauty has gone extinct. And he is calling the youth in Asankrangwa to find ways of dealing with this menace.

Drug abuse has become a big challenge in Asankrangwa and the youth have been discussing it every day, devising means to nip it in the bud so that it does not become ingrained. Leaders of WAWOSA, a vibrant association in the area have set up a committee to do intensive research and come out with pragmatic solutions.



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