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Music is one of the lucrative businesses doing wonders in the world. Music can make us smarter, music can boost our social life, music can help build our confidence, music teaches patience and discipline, music enhances creativity, music helps us connect with others, music can help us learn teamwork and above all music portrays culture.

In 2023 February 13th, the statistics put out by the headphone addicts clearly show that about 7.11 billion out of the 7.88 billion of the world population listen to music. This is how powerful music is in our world. It was in the olden times that investing in music was not all that lucrative in our part of the world Ghana. Inasmuch as there were no huge profits from it, our forefathers did not throw music away but laid the foundation of music for the future generations to come since they foresaw the kind of face-lift music would take. They did it through concert parties, making CDs and the rest that were not even accessible to all at that time. They truly left a legacy which is highlife and they have to be celebrated for it always because they were gallant men and women with foresight. Now music has become so easy to access because of the internet and can be listened to anytime at one’s convenience. Music making is one of the most lucrative industries in the world today and is contributing massively to the development of nations since it is promoting national tourism and culture.

Nonetheless, when I look at my community, Wassa Amenfi West Municipality where I come from, it always bothers my heart and is so disheartening that talented musicians with so much great talent are left to their fate, always struggling to rise. After years of hard work putting ideas together to come out with nice songs, their hopes are dashed since they don’t get passionate and resourceful people to push them.

These talents are perishing and dying off due to a lack of support and love. We see these people every day on the streets and one could thoroughly see through their eyes the stress, pain and frustration these people are going through. We call them underground artists and we are happy about it. No single artist from Wassa Amenfi West Municipality has been in the limelight of music or has hit mainstream music except Appiah Fordjour, a native of Asankran Saa who gained recognition in the 2000s with songs such as adaakwa, owuo na aye, odo fie, masuoden, etc.

Appiah Fordjour

Since the past two decades, Amenfi West has not been able to get a musician in mainstream music. It is not that they do not have the talent. But the pertinent question is do they get the needed support? We do not even give them inspiration but end up making a mockery of them. These people end up giving up since they look everywhere but there is no help. It’s not that we do not have wealthy people in the Municipality. We have a lot and I can say a lot. But they are unwilling to invest in the music industry, probably, because they have not realized how lucrative the music industry is. Apostle Joshua Selman said, “Don’t be so poor that it is the only money you can boast of”. The most important thing is your network with humanity. The money these people are forced to accumulate is not valuable but what you offer to the people is what is valuable. And trust me that is one way to success if these people don’t know I would like them to learn this principle. They should invest their time, money and resources in these talented musicians and see the returns they are going to get. It is going to be five times greater than what they rise very early morning around 5:30 am working tirelessly and returning home very late not even having time to spend with their families. Who knows the artist you will invest in today will change Ghana Music and carry the name of Ghana across the globe. We are always praising people like Black Sheriff, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale and many more. When will an artist’s name be mentioned and says he’s from a town in Wassa Amenfi West? When? When are we going to hear an artist from Wassa Amenfi organizing programs like Wassa Amenfi West to the World, Wassa Amenfi for Christ and artists from Wassa Amenfi have given back to society by showing care to the needy like how Sarkodie and others are doing in various communities.

Looking at what has been going on from year to year, always leaves me in tears, my heart is troubled, my inner man can’t find peace, there is a burden on my mind, and I am having sleepless nights. And I think any solicitous individual with the well-being of the Wassa Amenfi West Municipality should feel the same. If not you must bow your head in shame since great talents are perishing and the upcoming ones are also discouraged to pursue music careers. In Kumi Augustus’ article ”The cure to Laziness”, he stated that the world is sick and it’s some of this great talent the world needs to recover from its illness. Why are we being so wicked to ourselves and the world?

Just like many football talents in Wassa Amenfi West have died out and are dying out, similarly, music talents are dying out.

Have we done enough to push or connect these people who gives us captivating tracks?

Markagys – Shaka Zulu mixtape 2009
Web B- Sikoto 2011
Darmani – Yaayaa 2021
Mugabe – Drilling ft Darmani 2021
O’two – Sikoto remix ft Web b 2011
Estemaro – You & me ft Web b 2021
Abaacha – time 2020
Dallerz – Catapilla bombom 2020
Ideasx – Chatting ft genesis 2016
Genesis – chatting ft ideasx 2016
Wasanteba-PHD, who be fere
QuasiDarkx-how much ft Kwame Yogot 2020
Innocent Famela- sika

I hereby put up the call and the agenda that the people of Wassa Amenfi West Municipality especially the youth must rise. Change begins with our thoughts. Let’s start thinking positively, inspire the artists and give them all the necessary support they need to get to their zenith height. Until change comes, we are not going to stop this call. Change must happen now. Kudos to all events organizers – Patito, Onasis, Pizzaro, Bobby Zaro among others who give these young artists the platforms to showcase their talent but it is still not enough. We must make sure they are at their peak performance. We must not focus on bringing artists to perform at Melody Hotel with the idea of taking money without looking at the broader picture…pushing for a feature with a local artist when they come around.
Great musicians keep coming to Amenfi West, specifically Asankrangwa and Samreboi all the time. Kofi Kinaata, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Sister Afia, medikal, among others have been here. What a great feeling it would have been to connect Estemaro to Sister Afia, or Dallerz or QuasiDarkx to Kinaata and Abaacha to Stonebwoy or Shatta Wale.

We can create Wassa Amenfi West Talent Fund (WAWTF) to solicit funds to support those with talents which can change the narrative of Amenfi West.

Leaders and tycoons must diversify their investments. Music and football business are lucrative and expose one to the world more than some traditional investments. A crystal example is a Ghanaian actor popularly called Dabo who now has a football team and is exploring other parts of the world connecting with top European managers and players.   Investment must not be one-sided; leaders and tycoons in Amenfi West must also look at sports and music talents. Let’s create a conducive atmosphere for them…event centres, ultramodern studios, astroturf, basketball, tennis ball, volleyball and other sporting events centres to nurture these talents.

We have failed as a people, but I would love to say this “ the biggest room in this world, is the room for improvement”.

Web B














Innocent Famela


QuasiDarkx and Estemarro




Below is a song by Innocent Famela titled abrabo


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