Moseaso: Gunfire at a funeral Leaves 7 Injured

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Seven (7) people have sustained varying injuries from gunfire that occurred at Asankran Moseaso on 29th April 2023.

The final funeral rite of the late Francis Arthur was held at Asankran Moseaso yesterday, 29th April 2023. What was to be the last respects turned into a scene of gory as seven people sustained injuries from gunfire. No death has been recorded yet, but there have been multiple injuries and some of the victims remain in critical condition. They were 7 in number,3 girls and 4 boys. The victims were sent to Asankrangwa Catholic Hospital.

From a reliable source, on their way to the cemetery, near the Moseaso Clinic one of the guys holding a gun sat in front of the ambulance preventing it from moving fast, so some of the guys rushed to pull him, not knowing the gun was already filled with bullets so the guy shot at the lower ground and spread to the crowd, causing 7 people injured. Some sympathizers who had come to mourn and commiserate with the family had to run and hid.

It will be recalled that, on 16th April 2023, some armed robbers attacked gold miners at the Moseaso Rubber Plantation area killing a 51-year-old man through a gunshot. The armed robbers were later nabbed and beaten to death. The robbers were burnt as well which raised hairs in Amenfi West Municipality and Ghana as a whole.

So the incident happened at the funeral ceremony of the deceased-Francis Arthur) who was shot by armed robbers on 16th April 2023.

Please understand that this is a fluid situation. PAZION MEDIA representative, Richard is at Moseaso to gather detailed information about the shooting and Desmond is also following up on the victims. Stay tuned as we are prepared to keep you in the loop concerning any new developments.

PAZION MEDIA is calling leaders and institutions especially the police service to monitor and put a stop to the mushrooming of guns by the youth in Amenfi West Municipality. Many young men have guns illegally which is a threat to lives. It’s been alleged that many gold dealers have employed people and illegally given them guns to protect their shops and they are seen holding them on the streets with the excuse that they are using it to protect their shops from armed robbery attacks.



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